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International nature photography contest


#naturajazz2021 is a cultural event organized annually by the Organismo Autónomo de Museos y Centros (OAMC) of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, and promoted by the MUNA, Museo de Naturaleza y Arqueología, in which projections of nature photography and live jazz concerts are combined. For each edition a request is made for those who wish to send their photography for the projection.

The conditions to participate to the selection of photos that will be shown in the framework of the “VIII EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR JAZZ AND NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY” (#naturaJazz2021) are the following:

  1. Theme

 The general theme for the participation in the “VIII EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR JAZZ AND NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY” (#naturaJazz2021) will be the nature photography in all its forms, excluding pictures figuring human and environments created or transformed by the hand of the human being. Though, the human figure will be accepted in underwater photography as a reference element.

  1. Submission of participation request and preliminary projects

The participants in the contest #naturaJazz2021 must complete the application form in the annex of these conditions which will also be available on the website, it will be possible to complete it in Spanish or English and enclose corresponding preliminary projects with a set of twenty (20) representative pictures of your complete project. All these documents will be uploaded on the website

The deadline for sending the application for participation and the preliminary projects will be from the day of their Publication on the festival website until 22:00 GMT on April 25, 2021.

The images should be sent in JPG format, with 1920 pixels on the larger side and 72 dpi. All pictures that do not keep the proportion of the original file taken by the camera, as well as panoramic photos, will be excluded.

  1. Participation conditions

Individuals of any nationality can participate to the contest, provided that they are of legal age at the participation request deadline, which will prove to be so requested. Participants must be fully empowered to transmit the intellectual property rights of the pictures.

Participating with projects selected in previous editions of #naturajazz is not permitted, neither people who, because of their connection and/or collaboration with the Organismo Autónomo de Museos y Centros (OAMC) of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, are subject to the conflict of interests and deontological code norms for the regulation of organization and operation for the institution in question.

Projects in which flora and/or fauna preservation regulation, which is basically the object of the work, is not respected will be excluded.

  1. Technical requirements for the pictures contained in the pre-projects
  • They should not include frames, watermarks, or signatures or logos.
  • They should have RGB or sRGB color space.
  • The adjustment of tone, contrast, overexposure, underexposure, sharpness, white balance, vignetting, as well as the cleaning of particles.
  • Pictures converted to gray scale (B&W) will be accepted.
  • But pictures with partial conversions, or 3D pictures or similar techniques will not be accepted.
  • Those photographs that constitute an attempt to deceive the public by copying, by using severe retouching techniques or representing unduly the reality of nature will be excluded.
  • The projection will be held on a landscape screen, so vertical images will have a smaller surface.

 Selection of preliminary projects

Each participant can send as many preliminary projects as he / she wants, and among the projects received, a total of twelve (12) will be selected, with a maximum of two (2) per author and distributed based on the following geographical classification:

– Canary Islands: six (6) projects

o Four (4) on land

o Two (2) submarine

– Rest of the world: six (6) projects

o Four (4) on land

o Two (2) submarine

The selection of the preliminary projects will be carried out by a selection committee made up of specialized scientific and technical personnel from the OAMC, as well as by professional photographers, who will take into account the criteria of technical and aesthetic quality of the images, as well as their uniqueness and informative value. In the selection of the preliminary projects, the anonymity of the candidates will be guaranteed, motivating the criteria taken into account. The nomination of the members of the Selection Committee will be published on the website prior to the project selection meeting, to be held on April 28, 2021.

  1. Submission of complete projects

  The authors of the selected preliminary projects should send their complete project, together with a brief biographical summary (between 100 and 200 characters), and a portrait of the author, before 12:00 GTM on May 5, 2021 in the manner that will be indicated at the time they are requested. It will be composed of 80 pictures, which, together with the 20 pictures of the preliminary project, will form a presentation of one hundred (100) photographs, which will be displayed in one of #naturajazz2020. All photos must be submitted in the same format and fulfil the same technical requirements established for the pics of the pre-projects, 1920 pixels on its major side and 72 ppi.

If any of the authors of the selected projects do not send their complete project within the granted term or the images contained in it do not comply with the established technical format and requirements, the selection committee will proceed to choose a new preliminary project and the author should send his / her complete project as provided in the previous paragraph.

  1. Award-winning projects and photo selection

Once the twelve (12) complete projects have been received, the following procedure will be followed:

The selection committee will choose one (1) project, which will be the best evalued in every way and to which the OAMC will award a prize for a gross amount of one thousand euros (€ 1000.00).

The OAMC will award a prize for the gross amount of five hundred euros (€ 500.00) to each of the remaining eleven (11) projects received.

The acceptance of the prize implies the right of the selection committee to choose four (4) pictures of the awarded project with one thousand euros (1000,00 €) and two (2) pictures of each of the projects awarded with five hundred euros (500,00 €), which must be sent in original format and which will be destined to the photo collection of the OAMC, for its non-exclusive use in scientific and informative activities. It also imply to authorize the OAMC to exhibit all  pictures in the framework #naturajazz2021, as well as the assignment of all the rights necessary for its disclosure and exhibition on the day of the event. The author will be committed to collaborate and advise on everything necessary for the preparation of the projections.

The designation of the awarded projects, as well as the name of the author and the amount of the prize awarded will be communicated to the winners by email and will be published on the website

The amount corresponds to a gross amount, and will be subject to the tax withholdings and current legal provisions that must be applied. The winning participants must provide in time and form, in Spanish, all the documentation that is requested and necessary to process the payment of the amount. Otherwise, it is understood that they give up their right to receive said amount.

The OAMC may promote the participation of each of the authors whose project has been awarded in the acts of presentation of #naturajazz 2020 and / or in those of their respective projection, as well as in any act of dissemination, advertising and in general activities of #naturajazz promotion.


The Organismo Autónomo de Museos y Centros of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (NIF Q-3800504-G) will use the personal data of the participants exclusively for the #naturajazz participation handling.

No data will be passed on to third parties, except legal obligation. Legal basis for data processing is the consent of the participant to the participation conditions in #naturajazz. You can exercise the rights of access, correcting, deleting and portability of your personal data, the limitation or opposition to its processing and other provisions in the data protection regulations, through contacting us via email:, or by writing to the following address: c/ Fuente Morales nº 1, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


 The participation in the contest supposes the knowledge, understanding and the complete acceptance of the present conditions and of the decisions taken by the selection committee and the organization. Questions or doubts about the interpretation of these conditions will be resolved by the presidency of the OAMC.

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